Unlike the other game cameras we've reviewed, the Day 6 Outdoor PlotWatcher Pro doesn't work by detecting movement. Instead, the PlotWatcher Pro is purely a time-lapse game camera.

You set the camera to take pictures once every five or ten seconds. The photos are stored in video format. When you export the file to Day 6's Gamefinder software, the software sifts through the thousands of images to find the ones with movement in them. The software then condenses the pictures with movement in them into a short video.

Capturing only time-lapse images is an entirely different philosophy when it comes to trail cams, and Day 6 Outdoors' argument for its philosophy is a compelling one. Because conventional trail cams only take pictures when their infrared detection circuits detect movement, they are limited by the length their of their detection range. In contrast, the PlotWatcher Pro will watch an entire field. This means you'll capture distant animals on the PlotWatcher Pro that you wouldn't with a conventional game camera.

Trail cameras often have a time-lapse mode on them, but often the shortest intervals they will shoot is once every five minutes. In that time an animal could come and go without ever being caught on camera. The PlotWatcher Pro can be set to shoot once every five seconds, so you won't miss any action.

The PlotWatcher Pro has no infrared flash technology, so it only shoots from dawn to dusk. Day 6 Outdoors' philosophy is that you can't hunt at night, so it is unnecessary to scout during a time you can't hunt. Plus, if you don't need to capture nighttime images with your game camera, the lack of a flash will save battery power.

There are downsides, however, to using the PlotWatcher Pro. In order to save time during the viewing process and to save space on the SD memory card, the PlotWatcher Pro stores its photos to video format. This results in footage that is of a lower quality than you get with other top game cameras, and wildlife can appear blurry, especially if they're over 100 feet away. However, as a hunter, you'll still be able to identify the types and size of the animals on your property.

PlotWatcher Pro Summary:

The PlotWatcher Pro represents an entirely different breed of wildlife camera. It doesn't detect movement and it can't shoot video at night. However, it will help you identify when and where animals appear on your property, and you will capture more animal activity on it than on a traditional trail camera.


PlotWatcher Pro

It has unparalleled battery life and fantastic software.

Animals 100 feet away or more will appear blurry.

The Verdict:

As a pure time-lapse camera, the PlotWatcher Pro doesn't detect movement or capture images at night. However, the included software will help you sort through the thousands of captured images to find those in which animals appear. It's a well-designed, unique game camera.